by To The North

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Brisbane math punks To The North are back with this mini EP release. The distinctive honest crooning, rapidly shifting noodley guitar, punchy bass lines and precision drumming are all present.

The title track, “Indiscretion”, will feature on a future full length in the works. This hand numbered single will feature a few extra songs from the album as well as a couple of B-sides and a live track.

Cover art by guitarist Errol Hoffman


released November 5, 2010


all rights reserved



Doom Cat Records Melbourne, Australia

Doom Cat Records is a bedroom operated, independent label based in Melbourne, Australia. We also have house shows and play video games.

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Track Name: Indiscretion
Granted we have come this far, but is it any more than the blind leading the blind?
Have we been groomed to be the patsies for a lifetime of their mistakes?
Groomed to be the patsies for their indiscretions
Sober light shine on your so called legacy
Dismantle the statues for they serve as a reminder
That the guilt of their atrocities should be admired
That the guilt of their atrocities should be worshiped
When the Earth opens up it always claims those who least deserve it
When the river breaks and swells it’s always the impoverished who get washed away
Sever the connection we deserve to be viewed in our own right
Sober light shake the ground of those who most deserve it
Sober light shake the ground of those who truly deserve it
Granted we have come this far but is it any more than the blind leading the blind?
In an endless tirade to be the patsies for their mistakes
We will not be held accountable anymore
Track Name: No Alibi
Looking for a shoulder to nurse these cries
As we set our stories straight with these air tight alibis
We drank down the wine, absolved ourselves of the crime and we want for no reprise
Lying awake all night becoming the engineers of desolation and desire
Lying awake all night becoming the architects of a perfect life
Bastard breaths suit Justin fine just don’t ask me to side with your pathetic diatribe
While a father ponders an empty trophy case, some medals hung on a door
bullet proof offspring who succumb to the family plan
What is it that makes me want to pour it all down the drain?
To utter the words “Father I failed you”
To utter the words “I am my own man”
This time accompanied by honesty I no longer lie awake
At night trying to set straight my lies
I Drank down the wine but this time I want
Reprise and someone to nurse my cries
There is no longer a need for these airtight alibis
Track Name: Lustre
In this long forgotten place of forced steel and the business of the bourgeoisie
Is an open window for you to come and go as you please
A factory floor stripped of the machines that make it thrive
A once prosperous industry that turned its back on this place
The gears bent and buckled with years of running the same task
The oil dried up and in the shadow of these grey walls it started to fall apart
Cobwebs cover the arches of its roof like the foreman that once ruled this place
Hanging like a watchtower with nothing left but concrete to oversee
The beams have failed the structure they support and have caused tears in the soft steel
The air so thick with dust it almost plays like a black and white film in this long forgotten place
Track Name: This City
This City!

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