Shitty Demo

by Wil Wagner

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Straight outta the slums of Box Hill... five rough demos from folk punk dude Wil Wagner (The Smith Street Band)

Wil recorded this acoustic demo back in 2011 for a release that never happened. I had been sitting on the files for a while and thought it'd be cool to share them for anyone interested... Includes an unreleased song ("One Hundread Years Ago") + A Foxtrot cover.

Please note:
This is just a rough demo recorded on a phone. Check out the proper releases at Poison City Records and Jackknife Music.


released January 8, 2011


all rights reserved



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Doom Cat Records is a bedroom operated, independent label based in Melbourne, Australia. We also have house shows and play video games.

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Track Name: I Want Friends
I want friends who don't give a fuck again
I'm gonna do all of the things I said I'd do when I was a kid
Exist between the margins, not between the lines
Getting my hands dirty, not living life romanticised

I see people that I love melting into mortgages
And low interest bank loans, income tax percentages
And it's all so fucking meaningless
Trivial and self-imposed
It'll kill you if it can, and it wants to
It's knocking at your door
Telling you to get what you paid for

And I know talk may be cheap
But living has always, always been free
And we are born with every single thing
We could ever need
And I know talk may be cheap
But living has always, always been free
And we are born with every single thing
We could ever need
We could ever need

You can't love anything before and after nine to five
The only thing you cannot buy is time
And if you saved it with half the fucking zest you saved your money
You'd realise there is nothing you need to buy

Just be happy that you were able to survive
All we are is bags of bones
Pushing against a self-imposed tide
Just be content with staying alive
Cause it'll kill you if it can
And trust me it wants to
It's knocking at your door
Telling you to get what you paid for

And I know talk may be cheap
But living has always, always been free
And we are born with every single thing
We could ever need
And I know talk may be cheap
But living has always, always been free
And we are born with every single thing
We could ever need
We could ever need

Greed is glory and God is money
Government is government, it's all so fucking meaningless
Let them cancel each other out
We didn't need them then
We sure as hell don't need them now

We were born kicking and screaming
Filthy and free
And that's how every other second
Of our lives deserves to be
Track Name: Laika
From here in my cage I see them make plans,
Hear them reassure investors, shake presidents' hands.
The men with machines put tubes into me,
They measure my vital signs, my flight trajectory.
They taught me to sit, taught me to lie down.
Told me that a thousand years of wondering would end now.
They fed me my last meal, was the same as my first.
From here in my cage, I watch the men work.

And now it's a flurry of lab coats and hurry.
They talk about budgets and taxpayers' money.
And I wag my tail and I be a good girl,
They forgot to walk me this morning they were too busy changing the world.
And I'm out from my cage and I'm trying to be brave,
But the men they are sweating and now they're injecting,
And as I awake
I'm shocked and amazed.
At the sheer, crushing empty.

And I look down on men's little earth, sitting there quietly, wondering what it's worth.
And I drift away, but that's okay, there's more room to play out here than back in my cage.

And I know I will die, but that is fine,
Cause in some way I am helping mankind.
And I don't understand, cause I'm not as smart as them,
But even a parachute would have shown that they cared.

And so I float on, space's only dog.
Friend to the stars, pet of the sun.
From my little ship I dream of my bone,
A walk in the park, something comfy to sleep on.

And they call me Laika but I'd just like to say
That I was born Little Curly and I'll die with that name.
Track Name: The Point (Foxtrot Cover)
Well okay, this is not fun anymore
I'm drowning in obsession
This room is getting real small real fast
This obsession is tearing me apart

And If you dig deep enough
You'll find I'll turn to dust
We'll I'm not afraid of what I am
But I am afraid of what I'm not

That Circles on me
You know the vicious one?
I Know there's a point to this
All I can do is hope that tomorrow reminds me what it is
Track Name: One Hundred Years Ago
We stole apples from the market when I tried to walk you home.
I was drunk and it was raining but at least we weren't alone.
And you left early in the morning; I sat barefoot on your bedroom floor.
Writing songs in major keys about how much you mean to me.
I’ve tripped and stumbled to my nearest mental health professional.
He said "stop doing every single thing you're doing".
I guess I'm hooked on death as well.
All I need is a little spark, atlas and some time in the dark.
I'll map out the next six months. You get the whiskey, I'll get the gun.
And I wish we were born one hundred years ago.
Before these neon distractions blocked every single fucking road.
And I'll keep ripping off the boss, and I'll keep stealing other people’s songs.
Because music it means nothing when it can be bought and sold.
And you stopped working for the taxman because you were good like that.
I stopped working altogether, trying to find the reasons for my panic attacks.
All of a sudden people listen, the first time in five years.
“You're living the dream” they tell me. I'm living on the brink of tears.
But nothing that can't be suppressed by a little blood, sweat and beers.
And I hope we die one hundred years from now.
Sitting high up on a rooftop while the world keeps spinning around.
Track Name: Eviction Notices
And sometimes I worry I'm getting out grown by my friends,
Cause I still love drinking and I still love sleeping in.
And nothing ever changes unless you let change happen.
So we sit and brace ourselves till summer ends.

And we broke a couple laws that we never agreed with,
Held hostage by a landlord and an endless stream of shit.
Now judges are being summoned and juries are being called.
So I sit and wait for another empire to fall.

And eviction notices they don't get any less embarrassing.
They prove among other things that we cannot co-exist with them.
Like we ever fuckin wanted to!

And you could have stayed and been a friend, but you ran away instead.
Talking lies about brotherhood and your plans for what and when,
I would have hit you if I caught you, but you were always twisting and turning.

And we have all survived and moved on with our lives,
And we talk more about solidarity without you by our side.
And I would never hurt you but I've stayed awake at night,
Wishing you would die.

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