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Think Aloud

by Quiet Steps

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Sales Rising 06:17
The noise is abrasive but calms a place inside an alternate way to waste time away the sun spread outside on to fences but now there's ight you've turned your back on the entire front line of defence stepping on the proudest ones tell me what they're meant to think when they see a body still left afraid lying static innocence stolen without a second thought innocence stolen in a moment of faith now it's all uncovered make up is not enough now it's all common knowledge are you still Looking up I'd like to see a generation question to watch heads tilt down but I predict no change at All I predict no change sometimes it's hard to stomach sometimes it's hard to take and it rolls around My mind I'm letting this continue on to give consent to information summarized so incorrectly each coming night fake an ethic you cause the damage that connects us when the treasure isn't far off Your ride awaits the door is open with an open ended request form and all they're themeing is Manufactured their eyes are teeming but we're distracted and why the sales are rising they're non-existent in our eyes.
Subjugated by another corporation come on define proletarian lack in the ability to minimise come On you've earned enough here's a line to drive historical change another night we planned to waste Energy informing the deaf and silent the ones that listen are fucking judging it's hard to comprehend support for this structure but I understand we barely have a choice when right's grey and wrong is Flashing words circulate we're unsure where we stand.
Mirage 03:06
Make sure that this structure is real when the walls look to be thin sure that we've been here before But this time it's just not familiar our sense of recognition distorted by inhabitants we fill a void Trusting when so unaware let our eyes assume a place was always there find we end here outlines of elements flickering translucent if we can't imagine a better life where do we turn for direction reach out find nothing counteract all holograms persistence fucking up god's plan.
Dead Sea 06:49
A night of fiction to raise a level endorse a brand to fund a name I thought this ship would sail free Not directly toward the dead sea take my neck one hand breaks the air this hand got lost searching For something this place took away trust in our lines this place took away trust in our freedom be the first to talk to security tell them we've gone one too far how does the response hold up that we only drink to forget about this place they'll fight for no one to vent and shout they'll run away from family just to form another the facts are covered by a branded exterior their lines written said arrange told and read but not explained never explained measure this time which way is the compass directing when the night signs suggest indications connecting this scene is like the dead sea minus silence life here cannot flourish this scene is like a cemetery where the dead are lying still.
What do you take us for it's fucking evident every day you live a lie you research opinions living by the words that you've read are you afraid to let go of your defence and to think for yourself build a character and construct your own course Everyone has a story I can't find you inside you're set to leave a legacy built on lies and different lives fake your death and start again once more heighten your spirit block out your past a new array of pathways.
Assimilate 01:32
How do we rate forgiveness end the inflection I hear transparent sounds and noises uncertain are still requesting time is worth waiting when much more can be done let slide our lucid side fill us to limitation ratify what's real and why despite our common sense you guide us in to the darkest corners knowing the answer pushes us in the opposite direction to falsify the way we think with our decisions when who we really are is exposed openly we can't forfeit real expression so deliver us from evil.
When you read the script did you gain self improvement is there a profit to be made we all see dollar signs in your eyes your day is spent ordering others do you feel superior ruthlessly empowered Raising capital who will be at your death bed and what can humanity inherit from your life leave debt to family leave only money leave a broken household leave a robbed society morals are passed down generation to generation let's intercept to bring to light the exploits drowning minds with noise.
Exclusion 03:15
Seven years on I can't look back and see the same as you can see thinking so vividly maybe the righteous one forever could I be him why are the lights in my face so bright I'm sightless you only saw the outer surface how could you cast your final judgement character dejection intentional egotistically deprive us all I still remember every one of your faces and every single name now when I look back bearing an uneasy smile hand back thoughts of broken self belief hand back thoughts of positive moments I never had reunite seven years on lost for a name to call think with your eyes for the last time and erase all imagery withdraw transfix your mind fall back to find the ground and the sky above and behind the air is by your side your hands are lost behind your eyes are left too blind to ever read the signs.
Grip your hands together fall to your knees tell the world why you never had a chance one more replacement how can this constitute and accurate reflection a dream you had imagined this time we can measure reaction and gauge your sincerity stop this sense of deprivation feel like we are constantly giving strip away from us take all our minds weapons ammunition and fire in to the sky with a face covered by disguise measure reaction subtlety will show why all that you're armed with is not enough
Echelon 04:22
Yet another grid defines the course of the day and chemistry of hands we forfeit effort is this reality forced upon ourselves just to carry on the reality is what's left in your mind in the end a sense of actuality could be just a state of confusion and the only certainty is our discolouration left in a thousand pieces with nobody to reconstruct who would know and care enough to reattach what's left of us compile the traces of what documents a life can you see a clear portrait or living vision is all you'll leave at the funeral a life of labour or shaking hands from a crying family my advice and reason my advice and reason is put aside and overlooked locked away inaudible notes forgotten overtime destroying me completely discount me from your echelon in this endless competition it's all a fucking scam.
Surrounded 00:24
Surrounded by distraction where do we find the chance for rational thought to look beyond the scope of things let us find a way around influence i don't need your company I and me are already in conversation with one another.
One Breath 06:30
One breath can change a perception entirely and why we weaken in this state and i could never face this day reverting the air is changing the rain we feel the wind reminding the reason we rest the Reason we're breathing one breath can cause us a racing heart imagine when we're left with nothing the grey inside your darkened mind is turning white the lies we hide escape from us stand in the grass with bare feet with only the taste of a breath regression seeps from within the path ahead becomes clear how can one breath change us entirely inhale the atmosphere cleansing your conscience exhale your past forget history just one event can change our lives we are vulnerable for each leaf that's falling an empty space is left behind the colours are changing and fallen are dying how can we feel our emptiness why do we cry to fill a space what here is left.
Vision Lost 05:08
What we think we can change could be a damaged name administration attempts to break apart the truth through conversation and constant learning we learn to read you beyond the words you speak you true purpose and black shining aura with a vision lost in a sea of eyes now the plans are in motion we can only learn to accept left to agree or disagree on a meaningless collection of the passionate phrases and sentences hear claps from the weak and hopeful fall deeper you'll be the change that we dream of left in the dreams we have watch the walls around be broken by the footsteps from the outside.


Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, Think Aloud is a culmination of an expansive era of material for Quiet Steps. The band have evolved into their own unique beast since their last EP released over 3 years ago. This album is equal parts screamy punk, indie & post-rock.

Cover Art by Errol Hoffman.

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released April 1, 2011


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